Student Systems

Scholarship Applications Detailed View

An overview of scholarship application details, including application content, navigation and processing.

Within Application Management the scholarship applicant's application and related admissions information have been brought together and presented in one area to assist you with the review and decision making processes.

Application details are presented across several tabs. The tabs may display differently, depending on size of your monitor and the resolution of the text within the browser.

If you have a wide screen then the tabs will appear on your screen:

search results

If you have a large resolution/small screen then you can view the different tabs by clicking on list icon displayed at the top right hand corner:

search results big

Each tab contains information about the applicant and constitutes the scholarship application. Details found on each tab are as follows:

  • Personal Data

Date of birth

Country of birth




personal data
  • Other Programmes

Any additional Programme applications

Presents details of current Programme where applicant is currently studying with us

Other programmes
  • Other Funding

Any other scholarship funding applications

Any additional funding offers

other funding
  • Personal Statement

The personal statement the applicants has submitted with the scholarship application

personal statement
  • Additional Information

Where the scholarship application has included one or more additional questions, the response to a closed question(s) will be presented on this tab

additional information
  • Documents

All admission related documents are presented here

You are able to upload documents to support a scholarship application here

You are able to upload an award letter in preparation for making the scholarship award