Short Courses

Submissions & Assessments

Courses have two different types of assessments depending on the subject. Art, Design, Creative Writing and some Film, Media and Contemporary Cultures courses require a portfolio of coursework, while most other subjects require an essay to be submitted at the end of the course.


Art and Design Assessments

What should be submitted?

  1. A completed Course Cover Sheet, saved and submitted electronically via Learn
  2. A completed, saved and published Pebble+ Learning Journal*
  3. A course Portfolio of practical Art or Design Work to a designated location

For information on how to access and use the digital tools required for Art and Design Courses please read:

When do I submit?

Each course will have a published assessment date – normally two weeks after the last taught class. Please check the published date for assessment on Learn for each course.

The Cover Sheet (located in the Summative Assessment section within your course in Learn) must be completed and submitted electronically by 10am on the morning of your assessment in week 12.

The Portfolio must be submitted and completed in person between 8.00am and 10.00am on the published assessment date. Assessments will then be carried out between 10.00am and 5.00pm. After this, you may collect your coursework between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.

The ongoing digital Learning Journal is accessed via Learn and once created there is no additional submission required for assessment. However, you will only be able to add content to your Learning Journal until 10am on the day of your assessment in week 12, after which access will be frozen.


Submissions & Assessment

Once you have registered for credit study, you will receive details of submission dates for the portfolio for each course. All work must be submitted between 8.00am and 10.00am on the published date.

Assessments will then be carried out between 10.00am and 5.00pm. After this you may collect your coursework.

When submitting, students will be asked to complete the Assessment Cover Sheet (see below). This document can also be found on the Summative Assessment section of your course in Learn.

You are asked to complete this form and then upload it to the Summative Assessment section, within your course in LEARN. You will also be asked to tick a Declaration of Own Work box, indicating that all the worked submitted is your own. Please see the relevant documents below:


If you wish to keep your coursework, you must collect this between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on the same day as submission - unless otherwise stated.

Work not collected by the required deadline becomes the property of the University of Edinburgh and will be disposed.



Creative Writing assessments


The portfolio for Creative Writing has two sections: a creative assessment and a reflective commentary. These are submitted electronically through the University's Learn website.



Essay assessments*


For most other courses, the assessment is a 2,000 word essay (worth 100% of the total mark) which is submitted at the end of the course. To pass, students must achieve a minimum of 40%.

In addition, students have the opportunity to complete a practice essay or an essay plan that will help them to prepare for the credit essay (non-mandatory).

All coursework is submitted electronically through the University's Learn website.

* Subjects with essay assessments: Archaeology; Art History; Film, Media and Contemporary Cultures; History; Literature; Personal Development; Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences; Social, Political and Legal Studies.


Late Submission Request form

If you are unable to submit your work on the due date, you can request a Late Submission using the form below.  Please note that Late Submissions are normally only approved in exceptional circumstances that you could not anticipate or that were out of your control.  You can apply for late submission for all courses except Art and Design. There is more information about Late Submission in the Credit Study Guide documents available below.

Your request form should be sent before the submission date to Email:

If you miss your deadline, please see the information about requesting Special Circumstances.


Studying for Credit Guide, Rules and Regulations and Terms and Conditions

Academic misconduct and plagiarism

The University of Edinburgh offers guidance for undergraduates on avoiding different kinds of academic misconduct and plagiarism. This includes the steps that the University will take if a student is suspected of plagiarism.