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Extensions and Special Circumstances Service

Welcome to the new Extensions and Special Circumstances service!

Please note

Support during Covid-19 
  • All students are now guaranteed an extension if they apply before the deadline and the assessment permits extensions (i.e. you do not need to demonstrate a valid reason). In the 'Tell us what happened' section,  you can state 'I would like an extension as part of fair assessment.' Please select 'Other' when selecting your reason.  Please note that you will not receive email notifications on the progress of your application. You will need to log into the system to check. 
  • Where an extension of fewer than 7 days is normally the maximum permitted, you are guaranteed the maximum amount of time. 
  • Some assessments (e.g. for weekly assessments) do not allow extensions. If you are unsure if an assessment permits extensions, please contact your course administrator. 
  • If you require an extension of longer than 7 days, you can apply through the Special Circumstances process, where one of the outcomes applied can be the waiving of late penalties.
  • Some Schools have already amended deadlines for coursework or dissertations, or offered blanket extensions to all students; we have encouraged all Schools to consider where they may be able to do this, while also ensuring students receive timely feedback on assessment.

For further information, please see the assessment mitigation package:

Assessment: a package of measures to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus

Get the right support


For when you require a short amount of extra time to complete an assessment. 

Please make sure you complete step two of the application. The revised due date on the course selection screen is informational only. You must submit your selection before any official due date can be given. For more information please visit our 'Applying for support' page.

Apply for an extension 

Applying for support (guidance)

Learning Adjustment

For when you have a registered learning adjustment with Student Disability Service that permits extra time on submissions and you'd like to access your extra time.

  • Please note that this has not changed with the introduction of the online system. Any learning adjustment requests made through the online system will not be accepted.
  • If you wish to access your learning adjustment and apply for an extension, please apply for an extension first. We strongly recommend that you request both before your original assessment deadline.
  • If you are unsure if you will need both a learning adjustment and an extension, we recommend that you request both.

Access your learning adjustment

Special Circumstances

For when an adverse situation has significantly impacted your ability to complete an assessment and may have resulted in underperformance.

  • We are no longer accepting the old form (MS Word). Any students who submit the old form will be asked to resubmit using the online system. 
  • The Board of Examiners usually meet 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester, but can also be much later. For semester one courses, this usually takes place in January, and for semester 2 courses, this usually takes place in June. Once the Board of Examiners has made a decision, you will be able to view the outcome through 'My Applications' in the Assessment Support tool.

Apply for special circumstances 

Please note that you will not receive email notifications on the progress of your application. You will need to log into the system to check. 

Not quite sure what to apply for? Please review the infograph below so you can find the right support. 


Information for New Students

A comprehensive resource of guidance to help you use the new Assessment Support tool and how it can help you during difficult times.

Information for Continuing Students

Find out how the system has changed, and how can you get academic/pastoral help during times of need.

Information for Staff (secured)

How to effectively support students applying for an extension or special circumstances, and what the changes in the process mean for your role.

Useful Contacts

Contact your local student support team, university pastoral services, or external helplines.

Special circumstances deadlines

Find out when the deadline is for submitting your application.

Meet the Team

Meet the Extensions and Special Circumstances Team.

What we're working on (secured)

Here you can find information on what improvements to the Assessment Support tool we are currently working on and a list of our upcoming prioritised work along with suggested improvements.

Experiencing a technical issue with the Assessment Support tool? Let us know about it:  Report a technical issue (secured)