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Extensions and Special Circumstances Service

Welcome to the new Extensions and Special Circumstances service!

Please note

You will be able to submit a special circumstances application from October 2020. You will not be able to submit an application before then. 

If something occurs that affects your academic work before this date, you can apply for special circumstances once the system is live. The deadline for applying is one week following your last assessment of the semester, so you will have plenty of time to submit.

If you need help urgently, please do get in touch with your school/PT to access support. Further information on university support services can be found in the “Getting Support” section below.

If you need a learning adjustment or extension now, you can apply through an online form.

Apply for an extension

Apply for a learning adjustment

Below you'll find a complete resource on the new Extensions and Special Circumstances service. Before applying, we recommend reading through our guides tailored to staff, new and continuing students.

If you do have any questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact link above. 

Information for New Students

A comprehensive resource of guidance to help you use the new Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) system and how it can help you during difficult times.

Information for Continuing Students

Find out how the system has changed, and how can you get academic/pastoral help during times of need.

Information for Staff

How to effectively support students applying for an extension or special circumstances, and what the changes in the process mean for your role.

Useful Contacts

Contact your local student support team, university pastoral services, or external helplines.

Meet the Team

Meet the Extensions and Special Circumstances Team.