Mature students

Adjusting to university life

The first thing to adjust to is the notion of becoming a truly independent learner - the responsibility for your learning will lie on your shoulders.

This means that you must be self motivated to take part in lectures, tutorials and labs in order to get the most out of them.

You will need to learn how to access resources, keep to timetables and deadlines and begin an intense programme of study.

You will also need to be disciplined in your studying and effective at managing your time around the various diets of examinations.

You may also have to balance the demands of running a home or maybe working part time with the requirements of your course.

I was often concerned if I would be able to learn, and wondered if anyone else thought the same. As you get through it though, you develop new learning techniques and it does become more enjoyable.

Dianne ElliotSocial Work Student

Working with peers

This may sound overwhelming at first, but every student that arrives at university, regardless of their route, will have to deal with the challenges of a new learning environment.

You will not have to deal with this in isolation. You will share your initial ups and downs with your fellow students and you will learn from and support each other.

Add the support and guidance from staff and you will, like many students before you, be on your way to successfully integrating intellectually.