Mature students

Teaching methods

The teaching methods employed at the University consist of a combination of lectures and tutorials, with laboratory work for science-based courses.

For nearly all programmes, lectures form the main teaching framework.


Each lecture lasts 50 minutes. In first and second year your lecture classes will probably be the largest class you have ever been in - comprising of anything from 35 up to 400 students.

The lecture provides a guide to the subject matter based on the learning outcomes for that course and sets out the foundations you can build your knowledge upon through private study.


Tutorials consist of a small group of students - average of 15 - and a tutor. Again the duration is 50 minutes.

During the class you have the opportunity to develop and discuss subject themes with your tutor and the rest of your class.

The tutorial is often based around an exercise that you have completed prior to the class.

I noticed the greatest mix of students during my tutorial classes. I remember my Social Political Theory tutorial was particularly intimidating. However, after realising I had achieved grades equally as good as everyone else, I grew in confidence.

Sarah KilleySocial Work Student

Other teaching methods

It is a good idea to explore your individual subject areas for more information about the teaching methods employed.

Some of the other methods you may come across include:

  • seminars
  • practical and laboratory sessions
  • supervised individual and group project work
  • problem-based learning
  • peer-assisted learning
  • self-study
  • e-teaching