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How do I know if a Student record has has a Programme change request made against it?

Programme change request FAQs

If a change request has been made via the Student hub 'Programme Change Request' form, a 'Change Requests' button will display on the 'Programme' page.

A '1' against the button signifies that a request has been submitted and is outstanding.

A '0' is displayed against the button if the change request has been made and actioned.  

You can view historical requests by clicking on the button.

Alternatively, you can view all change requests made via the 'Programme change request management' link within the EUCLID 'Students' page. 

If you have asked for someone else to be notified of the change request, they will recieve an email, but this email will only provide a link to the 'Change Requests' tracking form.

If you are still unsure about the submission of your change request, contact the Student Records Team (SRT) using the details below, with the following information to hand:

  • the student's UUN

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