Staff Health and Wellbeing Hub

Supporting others

Guidance and resources for supporting others with their mental health and wellbeing.

Most people experiencing a problem with their mental health will speak to a friend, colleague or family member before they speak to a health professional, so your support can be really valuable.

It can be hard to know what to do when supporting someone. But sometimes, it’s as simple as having frequent, repeated, honest and two-way conversations where you can ask how they are feeling, what challenges they are dealing with and what support they need at work.

Below you will find guidance on how to support others and how to encourage them to seek support.

Please remember that for urgent matters, you should consult the Help in a Crisis webpages or call 999.

Help in a Crisis

How to have mental health and wellbeing conversations

Information, training and resources to support you in having meaningful mental health and wellbeing conversations with others.

Mental health training for staff

How to access the Mental Health Awareness Course for staff, as well as others useful training modules.

HR have curated some resources for leaders and managers to help you support others in your team.

 Health and Wellbeing Thematic Support (57.78 KB Word)