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The University Policy on smoking and help available to stop.

University of Edinburgh Smoking Policy

The law on smoking in Scotland protects people from the harmful effects of passive smoking.

Under the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005, smoking is prohibited in certain wholly or substantially enclosed public places, including workplaces such as the University. An enclosed public space includes some areas previously thought to be outdoors - for example the Old College archways.

The University first introduced a Code of Practice on No Smoking in 1987 - this document has been modified through the years subsequently becoming Policy.

The latest version of the University Policy on Smoking is available on the Academic Services Section website and all queries regarding the Policy should be directed to them.

University Smoking Policy

Academic Services Section contacts page

Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005

University Buildings

All University buildings are signed to indicate that smoking is prohibited, and each sign includes a contact for submitting a complaint should any individual transgress the legislation. Additional signage is available from the Estates Department. Please contact Colin Pritchard for more information.

Email Colin Pritchard

Smoking Cessation Advice

Help and support on quitting smoking are available from cessation services provided by your local NHS Board.

The Scottish Government Quit Your Way campaign acknowledges that quitting smoking can be really tough especially in the first 72 hours. The campaign highlights the range of free support available to help people quit smoking.  Getting the right support will mean that those considering or trying to quit will be twice as likely to quit for good. You can find out more about the campaign here:

NHS Scotland Quit Your Way Campaign

Contact Smokeline Scotland via the Can Stop Smoking website for information about your nearest service.

 Can Stop Smoking


Other Sources of Advice

Smoking - British Heart Foundation

Ash Scotland

No Smoking Day