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Alcohol and drugs

Information on support available for staff if they have any alcohol and drugs issues

Supporting staff with an alcohol or drug problem

Please refer to theAlcohol and Drugs Policy

Individual Awareness

For support to be offered by the University, an employee who recognises they have an alcohol or drug problem must inform their manager who will refer them to Occupational Health (see Section 4 of Alcohol and Drug Policy).

Colleague Awareness and Support

If an employee is aware that a colleague has an alcohol or drug problem (see Appendix 1 for information on recognising signs of substance misuse), they can encourage the colleague to acknowledge their problem and to seek professional help. The employee should also alert their local College/Support Group HR Advisor or the colleague’s manager to their concerns. If it is unclear who the employee’s manager is, the concerned colleague should report their concerns to their local College/Support Group HR Advisor.

Manager Awareness and Support

If a manager is made aware or suspects that a member of their team has an alcohol or drug problem, they should seek advice from their local College/Support Group HR Advisor.

The manager must meet with the employee to raise their concerns. The manager must give examples of when the employee's attendance, behaviour and/or performance has been a cause for concern and ask if these are due to an underlying problem with alcohol or drugs. The manager must also express concern for the health and welfare of the employee and highlight the available support via Occupational Health. Where the employee confirms they have a problem or suspects they have a problem, the manager must refer the employee to Occupational Health (see Section 4 of the Alcohol and Drugs Policy).  

Referral and Consent to Treatment – Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Services (OHS) aims to play an active role in the implementation of the University Code of Practice on Alcohol and Drug Abuse by providing medical advice and over-viewing the employee's treatment through regular communication with the various agencies dealing with alcohol/drug addiction. However, we cannot accept self-referral in these circumstances. The referral to Occupational Health must be made by the manager with the employee’s knowledge of the purpose of the referral. It is not Occupational Health’s role to inform the employee that the manager suspects the employee has an alcohol or drug problem. Referral information is available on the Occupational Health Service website.

Sources of guidance and advice

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