18/06/2024 - Shellfish biotechnology workshop

Roslin Institute workshop 18th June 2024

On the 18th June this year we are planning to host a one day workshop at The Roslin institute, Edinburgh, to discuss the potential of biotechnology to enhance the study and production of Molluscan and Crustacean shellfish. We would like to invite you to attend.

 The meeting will cover the whole breadth and depth of biotechnology capability and potential within shellfish science with the aim of producing a white-paper style publication of the current state of the art, alongside the areas in which there is clear opportunity for growth. There will also be presentations from Roslin institute scientists who have experience building new biotechnology tools for non-model species.

Additionally, on the evening of the 18th we will all meet for a conference dinner and drinks in central Edinburgh.

Please register your interest here asap, and email Tim Bean directly if you are keen to participate either as presenter, or in a panel discussion.


The themes / sessions for the workshop will include:

Genomes and Beyond  - Genomes, pan-genomes, functional annotation etc

Cells and Shells – Cell based models such as single cell seq and cell culture

Non-model models – problems and solutions studying non-model species

Genetics in the Wild – Application of genetics to study and improve shellfish

Industry Perspectives – presentations or panel discussion TBC


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