Dr Stephen Mackenzie

Research Fellow in AMR in poultry supply chains (Argentina)


Stephen is an interdisciplinary scientist, experienced in conducting research into the environmental impacts caused by livestock systems and the potential changes to feeding, breeding and management practices to mitigate these negative impacts. This work has focused on modelling pig and poultry systems using life cycle assessment and then integrating life cycle assessment model outputs into the decision making process in areas such as feed formulation and breeding goals. This included completing his PhD - titled “Modelling the environmental impacts of pig farming systems and the potential of nutritional solutions to mitigate them” in 2016 at Newcastle University. This project was an industry collaboration part-funded by Nutreco. In 2014, he was awarded the BSAS Industry Prize for the potential impact of this work in the livestock sector.

Before joining University of Edinburgh, Stephen had simultaneous postdoctoral roles at Newcastle University and Trinity College Dublin. The role at Newcastle was a continuation of his work on the environmental impact of the livestock sector including research into the environmental impact of endemic diseases and health issues in the livestock sector. At Trinity College he was part of the SHARECITY team investigating how technology is proliferating new forms of food sharing and food waste reduction in cities around the world. In this role, he led research and engagement activities to create the SHARE IT online toolkit which enables food sharing initiatives to create sustainability impact assessment reports. SHARE IT has already been used by charities such as FoodCloud who organise a food redistribution network across Ireland, and Ackerdemia who run a national network of school gardens in Germany to create annual sustainability impact reports.

He is currently a fellow of the 2019 Robert Bosch Postdoctoral Academy for Transformational Leadership; a 2 year program for European researchers working on transdisciplinary sustainability issues.

Google scholar link - https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=xAMFUGIAAAAJ&hl=en