Dr Serdar Abaci

Lecturer in Data and Digital Literacies


Serdar Abaci is based in the Institute of Education, Teaching and Leadership. He is currently involved in Data Education in Schools project, developing a course on Digital Literacy. His research interests include data and digital literacies, formative assessment and feedback, online learning, and evaluation of teaching and learning technologies. Most recently, he is leading a comprehensive review of how educational technology implementations are evaluated in Human-Computer Interaction oriented publications. Dr. Abaci joined the Moray House in April 2020.

Previously, Dr. Abaci has held postdoctoral positions at Indiana University (USA) and Newcastle University (UK) and studied evaluation of educational technologies, particularly the adoption of e-textbooks by instructors and students.


  • PhD in Instructional Systems Technology (Indiana University, USA)
  • MSEd in Educational Inquiry (Indiana University, USA)
  • MSEd in Instructional Systems Technology (Indiana University, USA)
  • BS in Computer Education and Instructional Technology (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

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