Thesis title: Targeted ultrasonic contrast enhancement for acurate staging of rectal cancer


While doing a master's in physics, Pratibha was keen to utilise the fundamentals of physics in real life. That's when she came across this field of biomedical engineering. She utilised her knowledge of physics and studied the acoustic properties of ultrasound contrast agents used in imaging and therapy. Currently working in the cardiovascular sciences group to develop targeted ultrasonic contrast agents.



BSc (Hons) Physics - Miranda House, University of Delhi (India)

MSc Physics - IIT Gandhinagar (India)

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Research summary

Colorectal cancer is the fourth commonest known cancer in the UK. The various treatments available currently including chemotherapy and surgery poses a risk of complications and lifestyle and health changes afterwards. 

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound has been proven to detect intravascular organs. Ultrasound contrast agents targeted to specific biomarkers such as rectal cancer cells can make it easy to detect colorectal cancer at an earlier stage and thus might help the patients from the complications of surgery.

Current research interests

Ultrasound contrast agents