Soundess Azzabou-Kacem

PhD Linguistics & English Language

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Professor Alice Turk

Dr Ellen Gurman Bard


MSc in Phonetics (Paris 7 - Denis Diderot)

Undergraduate teaching

Teaching Assistant (2013-2015):

Linguistics and English Language 2B: Acoustic Phonetics and Empirical Methods.

This course introduces quantitative, instrumental and statistical tools for studying speech and phonetics for second year students. For the Acoustic Phonetics component,  the aim of the tutoring is to help students 1)  interpret instrumental records of speech, especially spectrograms using acoustic analysis software such as Praat; 2) understand the elements of acoustic theory as it applies to the analysis of speech; and 3) understand how speech sounds vary in connected speech. For the Empirical Methods component, the class project included a fieldwork survey of the Scottish Vowel Length Rule in Edinburgh, Scotland. After collecting their own data, the students learn 1) to formulate hypotheses about various aspects of language behaviour; 2) to think clearly about the kinds of data required for statistically testing such hypotheses.

Current research interests

The English Rhythm Rule; Prosodic phrasing; External sandhi; Laboratory Phonology

Project activity

Stress Shift in English Rhythm Rule environments: Effects of Prosodic Boundary Strength and Stress Clash Types.


International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Papers delivered

Prosodic Boundary Strength and the Location of Pre-nuclear Phrasal Prominence