Rev Dr Leah E Robinson (BSc, MDiv, PhD)

Lecturer in Practical and Pastoral Theology


I first came to Edinburgh University in September 2015 to work primarily in the area of Practical Theology. I am interested in the wider understanding of all theology as 'practical,' and I greatly enjoy working with colleagues to further define what this area of study means in our world.

2010-2015: Lecturer in Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow. 

2007-2011: PhD student at University of Edinburgh in Practical Theology

2007: Graduated from Mercer University with a Masters of Divinity with a special emphasis on academic research

2004: Graduated from Shorter University with a joint BSc in Psychology and Religious Studies


BSc, MDiv, PhD

Undergraduate teaching

I currently teach on the Introduction to Christian Theology (Level 8, semester 1) course and the Theology and Spirituality of Reconciliation (Honours, semester2).

In 2016/17 I will be teaching on the following courses:

The Theology and Spirituality of Reconciliation (Level 10)

Pastoral Theology (Level 10)

Fieldwork in Religious Studies (Level 10)

Selected Themes in World Christianity (Level 10)

The Roots of Sectarianism in Scotland and Ireland (Level 10)

Parables in Practice (Level 10)

Religion, Violence and Peacebuliding (Level 8)

Postgraduate teaching

I was previously a convenor of the MSc in Peacebuilding as well as a programme coordinator of the  Doctorate in Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow.


Research summary

My current research interests fall into five strands:

1. The continued issues pertaining to sectarianism in the Scottish and Northern Ireland contexts. This includes community work, ground level research, and theological understandings of violence and reconciliation

2. Practical theology and the way we further define and understand this concept in the contemporary world. 

3. The theology of violence/reconciliation in war time, and how these theological views change as war continues long beyond what was hoped or imagined.

4. The way that theology is practically used in politics in both a negative and positive way. 

5. Liberation theologies, specifically, Latin American, Feminist, LGBTQ, Black, and Womanist Theology.

I welcome emails from research students who are interested in the following topics:

Practical Theology


Religion and Violence

Theologies of Violence/Reconciliation

Sectarianism in the Scottish and Irish contexts

Theology in War Time

Liberation Theologies: Latin American, Feminist, LGBTQ, Black, and Womanist Theology.

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