Philip Starkey Lewis



I am a post-doctoral research fellow currently working at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (University of Edinburgh). I am a pharmacologist by training having obtained my BSc (Pharmacology, 2008), MRes (Drug Safety, 2009) and PhD (Drug Safety, 2013) at the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science based at the University of Liverpool under the supervision of Prof. Kevin Park and Dr. Chris Goldring. My research focussed on biomarker qualification and novel ex vivo models of drug-induced liver injury. In May 2014, I moved to the Centre for Regenerative Medicine to start a new challenge for the safety assessment of regenerative medicine therapies on liver tissue under the supervision of Prof. Stuart Forbes. This work comprises part of the Safety Hub of the UK Regenerative Medicines Platform. My current research interests include the determination of adverse reactions of various regenerative medicine therapies, including stem cells, macrophages and macrophage stimulating agents.

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