Pablo Grez Hidalgo

Thesis title: Distribution of Powers Between the Executive and the Parliament in Lawmaking: The case of Chile


Pablo Grez obtained his LLB in Law from Universidad de Chile. He was admitted to legal practice in Chile in 2010. He also holds Master in Public Law from UCL (2015).

Pablo worked as legal advisor at the Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (2008-10). His practice focused on constitutional and administrative law matters. Then, he worked as legal advisor to the Dean and Vice Dean at Universidad de Chile Law School (2010). Finally, he also worked as an associate lawyer at Harasic y López (2011-14), a boutique law firm specialised on complex civil and criminal litigation.

Pablo also has academic experience. He tutored for 8 years both at the Universidad de Chile and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (2002-2010) in jurisprudence, constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure. Then, he was an early career fellow (“adjunct lecturer”) at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (2010-11). He taught courses on human rights and jurisprudence for undergraduates. Later, he taught human rights as part-time lecturer (2013).

He was co-convenor of the Constitutional Law Discussion Group at the Law School (2016-18).


LLB (Universidad de Chile), LLM in Public Law (UCL)

Admited to legal practice in Chile.

Research summary

Constitutional law and theory, administrative law, constitutional legitimation of criminal law, political theory, jurisprudence

Current research interests

My research looks at constitutional select committees at the UK Parliament, with a view to assess political engagement at Parliament with the Constitution.

Conference details

Public Law Graduate Research Colloquium at Oxford University, 9 February 2018. My paper was entitled "The persistent struggle to hold the government into account – the case of delegated powers in the Great Repeal Bill"

2nd Annual Doctoral Seminar in Constitutional Theory, Strathclyde University, 26 and 27 June 2018. My paper was entitled "Politicising constitutional law or the other way around? The case of constitutional committees at the UK Parliament"

Loyal Co-Operation within the System of the European Convention on Human Rights, University of Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice, International Law and Human Rights Unit, 10 and 11 May 2019. My paper was entitled "The Joint Committee on Human Rights before Convention Rights: Contradictory Pressures Pushing Towards Different Conceptions of Legislative Scrutiny on Human Rights Grounds". I presented a slightly different version of this paper at ICON-S Conference 2019, at Pontifical Catolic University, 2 July 2019

3rd Annual Doctoral Seminar in Constitutional Theory, University of Liverpool, 10 and 11 June 2019. My paper was entitled "The Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee: An Appropriate Compromise Between Pragmatic and Principled Considerations?"

International Workshop of the Research Network on Constitutional Criminal Justice: Latin America, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez & Universidad Diego Portales, 27 and 28 June 2019. My paper was entitled "The Principle of Legality and Parliament: is constitutional entrenchment the way forward?"

(Forthcoming, 2020) "Garantias Penales (limites sustantivos al ius puniendi)" en Salgado, Constanza y Contreras, Pablo (eds), Manual de Derechos Fundamentales Parte Especial, Tomo I: Derechos Civiles y Politicos", Editorial LOM, Santiago

(Forthcoming, 2019) Coauthor with Javier Wilenmann, “Un desarrollo preocupante: sobre una tendencia reciente en el control constitucional de leyes penales” [A worrying development in constitutional review of criminal legislation in Chile] in: Revista de Derecho de la Universidad Católica del Norte (peer reviewed)

“La compensación económica en el divorcio por culpa. Análisis del artículo 62 inciso segundo de la Ley de Matrimonio Civil” [The Economic Compensation on Fault Divorce, an analysis of article 62 of Civil Marriage Act], in: Estudios de Derecho Civil VI, Gonzalo Figueroa, Enrique Barros y Mauricio Tapia coordinadores, Editorial AbeledoPerrot Legal Publishing, Santiago, 2011, pp. 109-128

Becas Chile Conicyt 2015