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Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow

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Martin joined the department in Autumn 2021 after a postdoctoral research fellowship at University College Dublin. In his research, he is keen on teasing out the connections between literature, literary production, and ecology, and asks how we ‘read’ material environments, resources, and energy. He concentrates on twentieth-century and contemporary literatures with modernist, experimental, and/or intermedial bends, drawing on eco-materialist methodologies. He completed his PhD at the University of Warwick in 2019, writing on the politics of materiality in the works of Samuel Beckett and W.G. Sebald. For his monograph, he has expanded the scope of the research to compare the animal imaginaries and world-ecological narratives of Olga Tokarczuk. He is currently working on a new project, looking at experimental languages that have emerged as a response to the eco-political crisis, focusing on intermedial literatures by contemporary poets including Caroline Bergvall, Claudia Rankine, Renee Gladman, and Lisa Robertson.


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Ph.D. University of Warwick, English & Comparative Literary Studies

M.A.   University of Calgary, English

B.A.    University of Strathclyde, English and Journalism/Creative Writing

Undergraduate teaching

Waste & Modernity: Dispatches from the Sewers of Literature

George Orwell and the Politics of Literature

Contemporary Scottish Fiction

Literary Studies 1A & 1B


Postgraduate teaching

Tragedy and Modernity

Research summary

Martin’s research ties together late modernist, experimental and intermedial forms of literature in the twentieth and twenty-first century with his interest in ecology, waste, resources, and energy. He explores how we ‘read’ materiality and the nonhuman in literature and how literary production can be considered as ‘ecological force’ within neoliberal capitalism’s ecological regimes.


post-1945 and contemporary literatures

ecocriticism/environmental humanities/energy humanities

experimental and intermedial writing

global modernisms/avant-garde


Current research interests

My current project, ‘Intermedial Ecologies: Contemporary Experimental Literatures and the Resources of Ecopoetics', concentrates on contemporary ecopoets who experiment with intermedial forms—working across different media, digital languages, platforms and sites. I trace shifts in modes of ecological storytelling that put pressure on conceptions around cultural production and the role of art in the time of climate catastrophe. Focusing especially on energy, waste, and built environment/civic spaces, the project analyses how ecopoetics navigates the resources as its disposal to address and rearrange ecological thinking and policy.

Past research interests

PhD (Warwick), Like a Thing Forsaken: Beckett, Sebald, and the Politics of Materiality