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PhD Philosophy

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Room 2.16, Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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My research tends to hover around the philosophy of cognitive and neuroscience - especially affective and social neuroscience.

I am a steadfast supporter of anything embodied, extended and enacted. Being largely unpolitical I rejoice daily in the chance to be radical about something.

Presently I find myself enamoured by the Bayesian brain, and all things predictive.



Kiverstein, Julian & Miller, Mark (2015). The Embodied Brain: An Argument from Neuroscience for Radical Embodied Cognition. In Frontiers of Human Neuroscience: Radical Embodied Cognitive Neuroscience Edition.

Kiverstein, Julian & Miller, Mark (2015). The Cognition-Emotional Brain is an Embodied and Social Brain. Behavioral and Brain Sciences: Multiple Book Review of Luiz Pessoa's The Cognitive-Emotional Brain.

Miller, Mark (2013). Book Review of Self, No Self? Perspectives from Analytical, Phenomenological, and Indian Traditions, Edited by Mark Siderits, Evan Thompson and Dan Zahavi, Oxford University Press 2011. In Journal of Consciousness Studies.


Talks & Workshops:

The Embodied Brain: Towards a Radical Embodied Cognitive Science. 4th Global Experts Meeting on Neuropharmacolgy. San Antonio, USA. September 15-17th 2016.

Affective Realism: The Light and Dark Side of Seeing-With-Feeling. The World as We Feel It – Talking About Emotions Across the Disciplines - Lecture Series at the University of Edinburgh, UK. April 28th, 2015.

Embodied Mind, Embodied Design. Interdiciplinary workshop. Event supported by the ESRC and IAD New Network Award. University of Edinburgh, UK. November 19th, 2015.

Predictive Emotions, Emotional Predicting. The Second Annual Conference of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions. Edinburgh, UK. July 15th - 17th 2015.

The Embodied Brain. The Second Symposium on Embodied Cognition and Performance at AISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour) in Kent, UK. April 22nd 2015.

Is the Brain a Prediction Machine? Exploring the Bayesian Revolution in Neuroscience. ISHPSSB Conference in Montreal, Canada. July 5th - 10th 2015.

Is Empathy (Radically) Embodied? University of Stirling Psychology Symposium entitled Cognition of Self and Other: Perceptual and Social Processes. November 13th 2014. 


Research summary

Philosophy of Cognitive and Neuroscience