Laura Candiotto

Marie Curie Research Fellow


Laura Candiotto (PhD, Ca' Foscari University of Venice in partnership with CNRS UPR76 and Paris Sorbonne) joined the Department in January 2016. Previously she worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

She leads the project "Emotions First. Feeling reasons: the role of emotions in reasoning", funded by the EU (Marie Curie Individual Fellowship).

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Research summary

My area of specialization is philosophy of emotions. I am working on the role of emotions in group knowledge, focusing in Ancient and Contemporary Social Epistemology, as well as philosophy of mind and ethics. I am increasingly interested in applied epistemology and ethics, especially in relation to education and wellfare. I am also working on 4EA cognition and enactive feelings, positive emotions, compassion, and virtues. 

Research Areas: Philosophy of Emotions; Social Epistemology; Social Philosophy; Virtue Ethics and Virtue Epistemology; Philosophy of Mind; Ancient Greek Philosophy; Philosophical Practices and Education; Philosophy of Well-Being; Feminist Philosophy.



Current research interests

Philosophy of Emotions: epistemic emotions; socially extended emotions; positive emotions in group knowledge; emotions and virtue; emotions, health, and well-being; collective emotions; shame; vulnerability; love; compassion; altruism; wonder; emotions and spirituality. Philosophical Practices and Education: applied virtue epistemology; the ethics and the politics of care; contemporary Socratic Dialogue, Philosophy for children and for community; the aesthetics of existence and philosohy as style of life (Foucault and Hadot). Contemporary Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind: 4EA cognition, active externalism; extendend cognition; enactivism and embodied cognition; social epistemology; philosophical methods; aporetic states. Ancient Greek Philosophy: Socrates and Plato; Socratic dialogue; dialogue and dialectics; literary forms of philosophy; ancient theories of knowledge; ancient theories of mind and emotions; ancient theories of matter, nature and universe. Metaphysics: contemporary metaphysics of relations.

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Current project grants

Emotions First. Feeling reason: the role of emotions in reasoning
(Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, Horizon 2020. Grant Agreement number: 655143 — EMOTIONS FIRST)

Laura Candiotto has a peculiar interest in the valorization of philosophy for the civil society. In the past she organised conferences and workshops on many topics, as genocide, violence against women and the right to philosophy, and designed and developed trainings for local CBOs. In the last 3 years her activities for the civil society were dedicated to the emotional intelligence for the caregivers, through a project established among the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, the Board of the Medical Surgeons of Venice and a local CBO.

Regarding her actual project "Emotions First. Feeling reasons: the role of emotions in reasoning", funded by the EU (Marie Curie Individual Fellowship), she firmly believes that some of the expected results of the project would have a significant impact for society, in particular how to use emotions for thinking rationally and how to benefit from thinking through the feelings.