Kirstin Mcilvaney

MSc Co-ordinator


I coordinate the MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, which is an on campus programme that is ran jointly with SRUC. I also work on the MSc IAWEL (International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law) and MSc CAB (Clinical Animal Behaviour) as a programme coordinator.

I was previously a Research Assistant for 14 years in the Animal Behaviour and Welfare team at SRUC, working predominantly in maternal behaviour research with many farm animal species. I routinely helped develop and advance novel and practical methods of data collection. Cultivating current technology to fit research needs, refining data recording efficiency and accuracy developed my awareness in the need to teach practical research skills to post graduate students, which led me to my current role.

I graduated in 2004 from the University of Glasgow with an MSci Zoology (with work placement). This involvedĀ undertaking a yearlong internship with the Scottish Wildlife Trust at their Falls of Clyde reserve, where I later worked as a seasonal conservation ranger. I developed practical data collection skills and managed research projects investigating red squirrel and otter population monitoring. My honours dissertation project examined whether horses see humans as social partners, this involved observing stereotypic behaviour in racehorses. I previously spent a gap year working as an international show jumping groom which sparked my interest in equine stereotypies and training methods.