Eva Murzyn

Senior Teaching Coordinator

  • Psychology
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Room G10, Psychology building

7 George Square, Edinburgh
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Undergraduate teaching

I am the Senior Teaching Co-Ordinator for Psychology Year 2 and Year 3. 

My office hours are Mondays 10.00-11.00 and Wednesdays 12.00-13.00

Research summary

I am interested in the ways in which digital interactive entertainment, especially virtual worlds such as video games, can have an impact on human cognition and behaviour, and how they can be used for therapeutic or educational purposes across the lifespan. I am now focusing on moral decision making in games, which is a research topic I would like to pursue further. There is much research about the consequences of playing games that require violence to succeed, but not much has been done around games that allow the player to make choices about the level of violence or wrong-doing they engage in. I am interested in how players conceptualise their actions in video games, and how their choices relate to their real life traits and preferences.

Past research interests

My PhD was on the factors that affect whether people remember dreams in colour, including the effects of childhood media exposure, visual imagery ability and memory for visual information.