Emily Yue

Thesis title: “Migrant” Suicide


I am in my second year of PhD in the Suicide Cultures project funded by Wellcome Trust. I’m collaborating with mixed ethnicity Brits with experience of suicide to produce a counter-archive of suicide knowledge. We disrupt the ambiguity of mixed ethnicity Brits in national population statistics and evidence the production of suicide in Britain as a hostile environment is not limited to migrants.


Find more about my work here https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/emilyyue/


Jan 2021 (ongoing) PhD Health in Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh

MA (Hons) Gender and Sexuality, SOAS University of London, 2018-19

BA (Hons) Philosophy with Classical Studies, University of Liverpool, 2015-18

Responsibilities & affiliations

Hosting Suicide Cultures seminar series https://www.ed.ac.uk/suicide-cultures/suicide-cultures-events

Undergraduate teaching

2022 tutor on Identity and Experience in Health

Current research interests

I draw on my experience as bereaved by suicide to problematise mainstream productions of suicide as located inside a pathologised individual. In partcular, I explore migratism - the ascription of migrant status to second-generation mixed ethnicity Brits (like my dad) - as productive of suicide. I am interested in how UK national suicide data produces some populations as in crisis while refusing to recognise others as British.

Current project grants

Wellcome Trust Suicide Cultures PhD Student

Conference details

(October 2022) "Brits of Colour in Britain as hostile environment" at CritSui 4.1 Symposium, Victoria BC

(June 2022) "First generation Brits: suicide in Britain as hostile environment" 6th Suicide & Self-Harm Early & Mid-Career Researcher's Forum, Glasgow UK

[2022] Chandler, Amy, Joe Anderson, Rebecca Helman, Sarah Huque, Emily Yue. 2022. “Reimagining Suicide Research: The Limits and Possibilities of Suicide Cultures.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 11 (10): 20-28. https://wp.me/p1Bfg0-7gK

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