Emily Yue

Thesis title: “Migrant” Suicide


I am in my second year of PhD on "migrant" suicide within the Suicide Cultures project funded by Wellcome Trust


Find more about my work here https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/emilyyue/


Jan 2021 (ongoing) PhD Health in Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh

MA (Hons) Gender and Sexuality, SOAS University of London, 2018-19

BA (Hons) Philosophy with Classical Studies, University of Liverpool, 2015-18

Responsibilities & affiliations

Hosting Suicide Cultures seminar series https://www.ed.ac.uk/suicide-cultures/suicide-cultures-events

Undergraduate teaching

2022 tutor on Identity and Experience in Health

Current research interests

I draw on my experience as bereaved by suicide to problematise mainstream productions of suicide as located inside a pathologised individual. In partcular, I explore migratism - the ascription of migrant status to second-generation ethnic minority Brits (like my dad) - as productive of suicide. I am interested in how UK national suicide data produces some populations as in crisis while refusing to recognise others as British.

Current project grants

Wellcome Trust Suicide Cultures PhD Student

[2021] Migrant Suicide: A Case for Intersectional Suicide Research. Journal Of Ethics In Mental Health, Open Volume(11), 10


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[2021] Reflecting on the release of ethnicity in ONS suicide reporting https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/suicide-cultures/2021/08/23/reflecting-on-the-release-of-ethnicity-in-ons-suicide-reporting/


[2021] 'Migrant Suicide' Summary of 2019 Masters Dissertation https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/suicide-cultures/2021/03/24/migrant-suicide/


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[2019] On the “Continuum of Violence”: Remembering Abu-Ghraib Fifteen Years On https://blogs.soas.ac.uk/gender-studies/2019/04/29/on-the-continuum-of-violence-remembering-abu-ghraib-fifteen-years-on/