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Name Role Business unit(s)
Rachel Summers Head of Programmes
Dr Bronwyn Sumption Teaching Fellow in Sports Development
Jiacheng Sun
Jianxuan Sun Ingiliator R(D)SVS
Dr Miki Y Sun Learning Technology Service Manager
Dr Tiancheng Sun Lecturer
Xiaomei Sun (PhD student)
Yuhao Sun Teaching Assistant / Tutor
Mr Yuhao Sun
Ziwen Sun Research Associate and Design Tutor
Mr. Natthawut Suriya
Şebnem Susam-Saraeva Professor of Translation Studies
Dr Shyam S Jose Post-Doctoral Researcher
Nathaniel Gray Sutanto PhD candidate in Systematic Theology
Dr Steven Sutcliffe Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion
Angus Sutherland
Holly Sutherland Research Assistant (C1) (ACAD - Researcher)
Holly E. A. Sutherland
Iain Sutherland PG Academic Services Co-ordinator
Juliette Sutherland Facilities and Operations Administrator