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Name Role Business unit(s)
Katie Shaw Senior Lecturer
Mae Shaw Honorary Fellow
Dr. Robert Shaw Post-doctoral research fellow, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
Robert Shaw
Suvodip Shaw Senior Trial Manager
Dr Tovah Shaw BBSRC Discovery Fellow, Lecturer in Immunology
Kerryn Shaw-Taylor Registered Veterinary Nurse - Intermediate Care
Dr Jacob Sheahan Research Fellow
Dr Philippa Sheail Lecturer in Digital Education
Shane Sheehan Research Fellow
Sir Aziz Sheikh Professor of Primary Care Research and Development
Brandon Shek
Liv Shelley Registered Veterinary Nurse – Feline Internal Medicine
Jun Shen
Ling Shen
Silvia Shen
Xia Shen Honorary Fellow
Dr Xueyi Shen Research Fellow
Xueyi Shen
Yating Shen