Elinor Mason

Senior Lecturer


Dr Mason joined the department in 2004. Previously she was an assistant professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder and before that at Arizona State University. Dr Mason got her PhD at Reading. She is currently working on a book-length examination of the relationship between normative concepts and concepts related to moral responsibility. She also has interests in feminism, and is working on the idea of false consciousness.

Representative publications

  • 'We Make No Promises', in Philosophical Studies 123, 2005, pp. 33-46.
  • 'Consequentialism and The Principle of Indifference', in Utilitas 16, Nov 2004, pp. 316-321.
  • 'Consequentialism and the Ought implies Can principle', in American Philosophical Quarterly 40, 2003 pp. 319-331.
  • 'Against Blameless Wrongdoing', in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 5, 2002, pp. 287-303.
  • 'Do Consequentialists Have One Thought Too Many?' in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2, 1999, pp. 243-261.
  • 'Can an Indirect Consequentialist be a Real Friend?' in Ethics 108, January 1998, pp. 386-393.

Activities and awards

Research summary

Moral Philosophy.

Current research interests

A short video showcasing Dr Mason's latest research project: