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I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Psychology, Birkbeck College, in collaboration with Prof Martin Eimer on a MRC funded project on crossmodal attention and multisensory integration (2006-2009). In 2010, I completed a second post-doctoral appointment at City University London working with Dr Bettina Forster on a BBSRC funded project investigating the mechanisms of tactile spatial orienting and selection. In May 2011, I took up a lectureship at the University of Edinburgh, Department of Psychology.

Undergraduate teaching

This academic year (2019-2020) I will be teaching

Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention - honours year

Tutorial course - Year 4

Mini-disseration - Year 3


Postgraduate teaching

Multisensory Integration - MSc course (PSYL11066)

Specialist Technique in Psychological Research - MSc course (PSYL11070)

Brain Imaging in Cognitive Neuroscience - MSc course

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Current PhD students supervised

Research summary

Action-perception links: Spatial Attention within and across sensory modalities; Conflict and Cognitive Control

Current research interests

Action-perception links: The effect of movement preparation on sensory processing; Control processes in spatial attention and response preparation; Cross-modal links in spatial attention; Spatial selectivity in somatosensory processing; Cognitive control mechanisms in conflict tasks. I use psychophysiological (EEG, ERP) and behavioural measures to investigate several aspects of perception, attention and action. The main focus of my research has been space and selective attention. I am specifically interested in understanding the brain mechanism underlying attentional selection within and across different sensory modalities such as vision, audition and touch. Further, my research has focused upon elucidating the links between attention and action: specifically, the perceptual consequences of movement planning and the nature of the action-perception coupling (mandatory vs. optional).