Duncan MacGruer

Portal Services Manager


Duncan coordinates user support and training development, and schedules the workloads of our editorial team members. He is also interested in the ways we can use website analytics to understand users and improve websites.

Training courses

Duncan also organises the monthly Web Publishers' Community session that provides web publishers with a forum to learn, share, network and socialise with other staff from across the University.

Web Publishers Community sessions

Duncan has worked for the University for over 12 years in a number of user support roles and has been with the Website Programme since 2014.

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Supporting EdWeb users
  • Developing CMS training and support
  • Writing and delivering training
  • Organising Web Publishers' Community meetings

Project activity

Duncan was brought to the Website Programme to contribute to the project to deliver a new University CMS. He worked with website editors to help them prepare for the migration from Polopoly, and also worked with development teams to help set requirements in EdWeb. He designed the training course for the new system, and facilitated design of the support materials available to users.

He has recently undertaken analytics research to inform the project to procure a new University search engine. As part of this he wants to better understand how quality editorial content can ensure search engine optimisation.


Duncan is keenly interested in website analytics, and particularly in Google Analytics, as a tool to understand website visitor interactions. He writes a regular blog series titled "Analytics Insights" to try and make current Analytics thinking accessible to a University audience.


Duncan has recently completed some background research to help understand how our current search provision is working, and how our users are interacting with it.

  • Search analytics - an investigation using website analytics into how our users interact with our Google custom search engine
  • Assessing search - using an identified methodology to assess internal search, and tips to optimise search engine performance

User support

Duncan is also investigating new ways to provide engaging support materials to users of our content management system (and all systems).