Duncan MacGruer

Portal Services Manager


Duncan manages the Portal Services team, responsible for MyEd and two related services: notifications, and our SMS text messaging service.

MyEd Portal

He is also interested in the ways we can use website analytics to understand users and improve websites.

Training courses

Duncan has worked for the University for over 15 years in a number of user support roles, and has been with Website and Communications since 2014.

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Provide effective strategic vision for Portal Services
  • Work closely with colleagues on projects to deliver solutions that support the long-term vision of the University
  • Represent Website and Communications and the University in internal and external groups
  • Ensure alignment and future direction for University web analytics

Project activity

  • Upgrade of underlying MyEd technical framework
  • Investigate use of increased personalisation within MyEd to support students
  • Analyse future implementations for tag management and web analytics across the University estate

Portal Services

Open Apereo 2020 conference presentations


Duncan is keenly interested in website analytics as a tool to understand website visitor interactions, and is closely monitoring Google's plans for the introduction of Google Analytics version 4.


  • Search analytics (University login required) - an investigation using website analytics into how our users interact with our Google custom search engine
  • "How to make stakeholders care about search" (Squiz Summit Edinburgh) - outlining the University's search vision, and how we use an identified methodology to assess internal search