Dr Jennifer Waymont

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences
  • Edinburgh Imaging

Contact details


I studied psychology (clinical and health), psychological research, and neuroimaging in Wales (Bangor University) before moving to Scotland to further study brain image analysis for my PhD in medical imaging (University of Aberdeen). Following my PhD, I spent just over a year working as a research officer for Brain Health Scotland (hosted by Alzheimer Scotland). I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow with Professor Joanna Wardlaw's Small Vessel Disease group, where I am applying a segmentation algorithm for perivascular spaces to UK Biobank data.


  • PhD, Medical Imaging, University of Aberdeen (2021)
  • MSc, Neuroimaging, Bangor University (2016)
  • MSc, Psychological Research, Bangor University (2015)
  • BSc, Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology, Bangor University (2014)

Research summary

My research interests revolve broadly around neuroimaging and brain health. Specifically, I am interested in the application of magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers for cerebral small vessel disease in understanding risk and protective factors for brain health across the life course.

In plain English: I'm interested in exploring features on brain scans that suggest damage to the tiny blood vessels in the brain. I want to understand how these features develop across a lifetime, whether they are related to other illnesses or life circumstances, and whether there are things we could do (or avoid doing) to keep those tiny blood vessels (and the brain at large) healthy.