Dr Ian Handel

Senior Lecturer


Graduated from Bristol Veterinary school in 1988. Two years as a research assistant in Surgery department working on anaesthetic pharmacokinetics. 1992 - 2003 owner and senior clinician in Honeybourne Veterinary surgery, a 5-vet companion animal practice in Cheltenham. Part time study for an MSc in Applied statistics and consultancy work in health economics leading to joining University of Edinburgh as a DEFRA funded research fellow in 2005 working on post-epidemic surveillance design (and part time PhD). Joined R(D)SVS in 2012 as a lecturer in Statistics and Veterinary Epidemiology. Lead design of undergraduate EBVM education, statistical and epidemiological support for postgraduate students and staff and development of statistical and epidemiological research projects in area of animal health and disease surveillance.


Master of Science, Sheffield Hallam University Applied Statistics (Distinction) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh The design and analysis of post-epidemic foot-and-mouth disease surveillance programmes Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine, University of Bristol

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Statistician (Royal Statistical Society), CStat Graduate Statistician, GradStat Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, MRCVS

Collaborative Activity

Mark Bronsvoort's research group (Roslin Instute)

Responsibilities & affiliations


UG teaching staff

PG teaching staff

Undergraduate teaching

Organise evidence based veterinary medicine (EBVM) course across curriculumn

Year 2

Animal Life and Food Safety - Statistics for EBVM

Year 3

Animal Life and Food Safety - Epidmeiology & EBVM

Year 4

Final year preparation - EBVM

Year 5


Final year rotations - EBVM tutorials

Postgraduate teaching

MSc Equine Science

Course organiser - Research methods in equine science

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

Course organiser - Research methods in advanced clinical practice


R Language workshops

Research summary

The use of quantitative statistical and epidemiological methods to address questions of animal/human health and disease surveillance.

Current research interests

To study disease in human and animal popualtions we can make use of data collected either directly for that purpose or available from other activities. Because lots of factors interplay in determining the occurence of disease in individuals we cannot simply look at the health of individuals and just one factor. My speciality, statistical epidemiology, is conerned with using mathematical and computational methods to cut through the complex interaction of influences on disease to give us a clearer understanding of drivers for disease and strategies to improve human and animal health. Research students Graduated Carys Pugh - PhD Student (co-supervise)  Robert Kelly - PhD Student (co-supervise) Stella Mazeri - PhD Student (co-supervise) Paolo Motta - PhD Student (co-supervise) Pending corrections Siben Li - PhD Student (co-supervise) Fiona Allan - PhD Student (co-supervise) Andrew Gibson - PhD Student(co-supervise) Charlotte Woolley - PhD Student (co-supervise) Isobel McLachlan - PhD Student (co-supervise) 

Research activities

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