Dr Cyril Pernet

Senior Academic Fellow in Neuroimaging Sciences


Dr Pernet is a senior academic fellow, teaching MRI/fMRI/EEG and researching on methods (statistics) for clinical applications (brain tumours, stroke). He is also the Edinburgh Imaging scientific contact for functional MRI studies, and support data management and open science activities.

Dr Pernet, obtained a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from the University of Toulouse III in France in 2004. He was then working with Prof. JF Demonet and Dr P Celsis on neurodevelopmental disorders using MRI, functional MRI and EEG. He next obtained a post-doc fellowship from the Fyssen Foundation to work in Finland with Prof. R. Salmelin on reading using MEG. He moved to UK in 2006, working in Glasgow with Prof. B. Belin as post-doc research assistant, working on auditory (voice) processing using fMRI and EEG. He joined the Brain Research Imaging Center, Edinburgh in 2007, as fMRI lead for SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network A Platform for Scientific Excellence). 


PhD, Neuropsychology

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Research summary

Dr Pernet focuses on methodological development that allows neuro-imaging to be applied in day-to-day clinical settings. He has a large interest in studying cognition (vision, audition, and language), brain disease (stroke, brain tumour, development disorders) and imaging techniques (MRI, PET, EEG).

Research aims and areas of interest

  • Cognitive neuroscience (categorization processes, vision/voice/language)
  • Clinical applications of neuroimaging research to stroke and brain tumours
  • Methodological/statistical development for EEG and fMRI
  • Translational imaging


Sources of funding

  • Royal Society

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