Prof. Dominic Moran

Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics


Dominic Moran is Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  He joined the University of Edinburgh in 2018 after a period of 18 years with SRUC, prior to which he was a government economist and in private consulting.   His research focuses on applying economics to environmental management and the development of interdisciplinary approaches to resource allocation problems in agriculture and global food security.  Most recently, his work has focused on the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and food supply chains, and the problem of antimicrobial use and resistance in agriculture.  Dominic has worked in over 30 countries and has published more than 100 refereed journal papers.  He has been in continuous receipt of funding from EU, ESRC, NERC or BBSRC since 2000 for his research on climate change and agriculture, and has supervised 20 PhD students.


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