Caoimhe Kirby

Thesis title: Investigating and Manipulating Microglia and Macrophage Phenotype to Improve Outcome after Intracerebral Haemorrhage

Wellcome Trust Four Year PhD Programme in Translational Neuroscience

Year of study: 3

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Research summary

I'm interested in the neuro-immune response to intracerebral haemorrhage; a devastating sub-type of stroke with a 40% fatality rate within the first month. We know that there is a strong activation and upregulation of microglia; the resident immune cells of the brain after intracerebral haemorrhage, as well as an infiltration of peripheral monocytes towards the site of injury. However, the phenotype of these CNS myeloid cells remains unknown, and their role during this acute brain injury reamins elusive. Throughout my PhD I'll be using a combination of human post-mortem brain tissue, kindly donated by patients with intracerebral haemorrhage, and a mouse model of the disease, to not only understand the phenotype of this population of cells, but also to manipulate them in the hope of improving outcome for future patients with this disorder.