Anja Tröger

Thesis title: Affective Spaces: Trajectories of Migration in Scandinavian and German Transnational Narratives 2011-2017


I am a doctoral candidate in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, from which I also hold an MScR in Scandinavian Studies, and an MA in Scandinavian Studies and English Literature. My current research focuses on contemporary Scandinavian and German literature that negotiates and imagines experiences of migration. I am particularly interested in narratives that portray those migrants whose journeys are not easy, such as asylum seekers and refugees. The main question guiding my reading of these texts is how they imagine the different steps in the migratory journey in relation to the body, violence, immigration laws, power structures, border politics and prejudices in the host countries. 


MScR in Scandinavian Studies – University of Edinburgh (2016)

MA in Scandinavian Studies and English Literature – University of Edinburgh (2015)

Undergraduate teaching

- Lead Tutor for Norwegian at the Centre for Open Learning (COL)/University of Edinburgh

- Tutor for Norwegian 1, Scandinavian Studies/University of Edinburgh

- Tutor on the courses 'Scandinavian Literature 2' and 'History of the Scandinavian Novel', Scandinavian Studies/University of Edinburgh

Current project grants

Northern Scholars Scheme PhD Scholarship

Past project grants

LLC Masters Scholarship

Conference details

  • Nordic Research Network Conference, London, November 2016. Paper: 'Shaping a transcultural identity: Language and geographies in Maria Navarro Skaranger’s Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner (2015)'
  • Nordic Research Showcase, Scandianvian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Lund and Copenhagen. Edinburgh, April 2017. Paper: 'Home as a Liminal Place'
  • Nordic Research Network Conference, Aberdeen, August 2017. Paper: 'Home as a Liminal Place: Seeking Asylum in Alen Mešković’s Enmandstelt and Abbas Khider’s Ohrfeige'
  • Scandinavian Studies Work in Progress Seminar, Edinburgh, January 2018. Paper: 'Mapping Migration: Geographies of Unequal Encounters'
  • Affects of Diversity in Nordic Literature, Oslo, November 2018. Paper: 'Unequal Encounters: Affective Economies in Vigdis Hjorth's Snall til meg and Kirsten Thorup's Tilfældets Gud'
  • Migration, Mobility and Momentum in the North, Edinburgh, December 2018. Paper: 'Disparate Notions of Mobility'

Invited speaker

The Postmigrant Condition: Art, Culture and Politics in Contemporary Europe, Odense, December 2018. Paper: 'Migration Rememberd: Mnemonic Affective Spaces'


Migration, Mobility and Momentum in the North. Edinburgh, December 2018.


  • "Danish Literature as World Literature", Modern Language Review, January 2018