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Professor of Logic and Metaphysics

Andy Clark (BA, DPhil, Stirling) was appointed to the Chair in Logic and Metaphysics in 2004. Prior to that he had taught at the University of Glasgow, the University of Sussex, Washington University in St Louis, and Indiana University, Bloomington. He was Director of the Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Program at Washington University in St Louis, and Director of the Cogntive Science Program at Indiana University.

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Publications and news

My letter in reply to Richard Holton’s TLS review of Surfing Uncertainty has now appeared.

Brain Science Podcast on my new book, Surfing Uncertainty, now online:

Blogging Surfing Uncertainty, December 2015:

Elected Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) in June 2015

Video of Greenland talk on Dan Dennett now up:

My History of Distributed Cognition talk on the Extended Mind, is now available at:

Our recent MOOC was a great success:

The 'Computers and Mind' Meeting (Festival of Humanities) took place on friday Nov 21. I contributed a talk entitled  "Are You Your Brain, and Is Your Brain a Computer?

Undergraduate teaching

Pre-Honours: 6 lectures on Mind, Matter, and Language:

Honours: Perception and Action: From Inner Zombies to the Predictive Brain

Masters: Advanced Topics in Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition



Wednesdays 3-4pm, or email for an appointment.

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Philosophy of Mind, Artificial Intelligence, including robotics, artificial life, embodied cognition, and mind, technology and culture.