The latest news from the Psychology department

Believing your partner cares is good for health

Having an attentive partner can significantly improve your long-term health and even life expectancy, research suggests.

Inter-generational storytelling workshop challenges stereotypes of ageing

Pupils from Edinburgh's Parkside Primary School meet participants from the Lothian Birth Cohorts to discuss ageing

Psychology professor receives OBE

Ian Deary, Professor of Differential Psychology, has been recognised in the New Year's Honours list

Study sheds light on how people form memories

People could be helped to recall information more readily by a new study that reveals the various ways that we remember things.

Obituary: John Starr

It is with immense sadness that we have learned of the passing of our dear and valued colleague John Starr, who died suddenly at the weekend.

Psychology PhD student awarded policy internship

Hildigunnur Anna Hall will spend 3 months working with Scottish policymakers on health-related topics

Perceptive portraits of celebrated group captures how to age well

John Scott and his portrait with the artist Fionna Carlisle  PHOTO Douglas Robertson
Healthy ageing study brought to life in an art exhibition celebrating its participants

Clues that suggest lying may be deceptive

False true
The verbal and physical signs of lying are harder to detect than people believe, a study suggests

Affable apes apt to live longer, study shows

​​​​​​​Male chimps that are less aggressive and form strong social bonds tend to live longer, research suggests.

Risk of veering off-topic in chat rises with age

Risk of veering off-topic
People are more likely to deviate off topic during conversation, the older they become, research suggests.