The latest news from the Psychology department

Secrets of successful ageing shared in reunion

Almost 300 people reunited to celebrate 20 years of continuous research into healthy ageing

Edinburgh summer shows: Memory, bilingualism and trickery

3 images: 1) digital image of neon post-its arranged like a tunnel 2) light bulb illustration 3) "choose to be curious" banner
Psychology researchers and linguists will share their work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Royal Society of Edinburgh events programme this August

Psychology PhD student awarded cybercrime internship

Nikolaos Theodoropoulus is spending 3 months working with Scottish Government researchers on cybercrime

John Starr named in Top 10 Inspiring Physicians 2019

The late Professor John Starr has been named in the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh list of Top 10 Inspiring Physicians 2019

Tackling depression and dementia over a Pint of Science

Pint of Science festival logo - an illustration of a pint glass with beer, containing a pink brain on top wearing glasses.
Philosophy researcher Mark Miller and Psychology PhD student Brittany Blankinship share their research insights on depression and dementia at the 2019 Pint of Science Festival (20-22 May)

Edinburgh Science Festival: music and the mind

Psychology researchers share their research into dementia, turn-taking and motor neurone disease at the 2019 Edinburgh Science Festival (6-21 April)

Celebration of research impact highlights MND research

Image generated by a high-tech brain scan
Professor Sharon Abrahams' research into motor neurone disease was highlighted at a University event celebrating knowledge exchange and impact activities

Believing your partner cares is good for health

Having an attentive partner can significantly improve your long-term health and even life expectancy, research suggests.

Inter-generational storytelling workshop challenges stereotypes of ageing

Pupils from Edinburgh's Parkside Primary School meet participants from the Lothian Birth Cohorts to discuss ageing

Psychology professor receives OBE

Ian Deary, Professor of Differential Psychology, has been recognised in the New Year's Honours list