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Digital Safety, Wellbeing and Citizenship

Learn more about digital safety, wellbeing and citizenship and how these issues impact you as a member of the University of Edinburgh community. Find curated resources to help keep you safe and secure while engaging online.

Definitions and Background

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Information on what digital safety, wellbeing and citizenship entail and why these issues should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds here at the University of Edinburgh.

New Students: Must-Read Information

Find essential advice on the minimum steps to take to keep yourself safe and healthy online as a new student at The University of Edinburgh.

Compromised? Find Support Resources

Find advice on how to report various digital safety concerns, and resources for support when your digital safety or wellbeing or that of others has been compromised.

Fraud Awareness Resources

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Find advice and guidance on how to prevent and respond to online fraud and phishing attacks, especially while during hybrid working and studying.

Expectations for Students

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The University has several policies outlining expectations for students when engaging both online and offline. It’s important to take these into consideration in all your online interactions.

The Digital Safety Supporter Toolkit

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The Digital Safety Supporter Toolkit is intended to support University staff and students who have a keen interest in promoting digital safety by disseminating information and fostering a culture of digital citizenship.

Training and Events

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A curated list of recommended training courses and upcoming events related to digital safety, wellbeing and citizenship, available to University of Edinburgh students and staff.

Staying Safe While Learning and Teaching Online

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As the University adopts a more hybrid model of learning and teaching, find guidance on digital citizenship, online meetings, digital resilience and digital wellbeing.

General Safer Internet Resources

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A list of curated external resources - including antiracism, disability support, LGBTQ+ resources, resources for combatting gender-based violence, and quick safety hacks to help keep you safe and secure while engaging online.

Resources Against Online Gender-Based Violence

How to collect evidence, reporting and blocking, seeking support, exploring free legal advice and resources for further action to equip our community with tools to combat online harassment and support survivors.

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