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Honorary Fellow: Richard Carter

Professor Richard Carter of the School of Biological Sciences has been made an Honorary Fellow.

Professor Richard Carter

Professor Carter graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh in 1967, and followed this with a PhD in Genetics, also from Edinburgh, in 1971.

During his postgraduate and postdoctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Animal Genetics, he was involved in the early development of genetic analysis of malaria parasites using a rodent malaria, and in initiating the study of population genetics of human malaria.

At the National Institute of Health in the US, Professor Carter became involved in investigations that founded the development of malaria transmission blocking vaccines against the sexual parasites in their mosquito vectors.

He helped to establish the ability to conduct genetic crosses in human malaria parasites.

In 1986, Professor Carter returned to the UK, and to the University of Edinburgh, under an MRC appointment.

Here, he continued molecular and cellular studies on the sexual stages of human malaria parasites.

He also worked with the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka on aspects of the transmission, biology and pathology of human malaria in Sri Lanka.

More recently Professor Carter has developed a high throughput system that integrates genomic technologies for genetic analysis of malaria parasites.

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