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Consent and harassment online courses

The University is offering two new training courses to promote positive behaviours around sexual consent and all forms of harassment.

‘Consent Matters’ and ‘Tackling Harassment’ are free for all staff and students at the University of Edinburgh.  

The courses have been created by Epigeum at Oxford University and are being used by Higher Education institutes across the UK to promote culture change and help university communities build more understanding on consent, intervention and prevention.  

Each course takes approximately an hour to complete and is broken down into three 20 minute modules. 

Sign up using the link below: 

Epigeum consent and harassment online modules

Consent Matters 

The ‘Consent Matters’ course covers sexual consent, relationships and bystander intervention training.  

The course will discuss what informed sexual consent looks like, how all parties can respect and agree clear boundaries and ensure there is consent at all times.  

The course will assist you to support and services you can access and will help you to identify and recognise any abusive behaviours and lack of respect, as well as challenging the behaviours & attitudes of those who don’t respect personal & sexual boundaries.  

Tackling Harassment 

‘Tackling Harassment’ addresses all forms of harassment and discrimination. The course examines harassment and hate, and how members of the University community can recognise problematic situations and intervene safely.  

Creating a safe culture 

The University of Edinburgh is committed to creating a safe environment for our staff and students. 

We offer a range of resources to help our University community foster a healthy and safe environment around relationships, and offer opportunities for our wider community to gain an understanding on issues regarding sex and consent.  

The University also provides support and reporting mechanisms for those impacted by sexual violence & other forms of abuse & harassment. 

We have recently appointed a Sexual Violence and Harassment Liaison manager who is our community’s first point of call to support and offer advice to those who have experienced sexual violence, gender based violence, domestic abuse or harassment. 

We have also launched a ‘Report + Support’ system which will allow students and staff to report their experiences to the University, either anonymously or to request access to a specialist adviser, and to access services in a more streamlined way.  

View our resources and all of the support available to you using the links below. 

Video: Sarah Cunningham-Burley - Epiguem modules
Sarah Cunningham-Burley, University of Edinburgh lead for equality diversity and inclusion, speaks about the University's new Epiguem modules on Consent Matters and Tackling Harassment.

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