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Staff LGBT network steering group

Staff are invited to join a new steering group that will decide the direction of the University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) network.

The network exists to support the LGBT community at the University. Its steering group will work as a team, in liaison with equality and diversity staff and partner organisations, to establish the network's strategic direction.

A role on the steering group will require dedication and time commitment, as well as a passion for enhancing the University’s support of the LGBT community and an understanding of issues relating to LGBT people in the workplace.

Network purpose

The purpose of the network is to provide a way for LGBT staff to get to know each other through formal and informal events and feel part of a welcoming LGBT community at work.

It will:

  • Provide a mechanism to enable LGBT staff to come together to share information and support by providing a space for the safe discussion of LGBT issues.
  • Provide a forum with which the University can consult on project and policy-related matters in relation to equality of treatment for LGBT staff and help inform the University’s approach to promoting an inclusive and supportive culture.
  • Raise the profile of LGBT staff within and beyond the University.
  • Enable the sharing of best practice, knowledge, ideas and thoughts on operational, research and academic work in relation to LGBT issues.

Get involved

Anyone interested in getting involved, becoming a member of the steering group and helping the network meet its remit, should email Chairperson Brian Campbell. Please register your interest no later than Friday 28 August 2015.

You can also speak to Brian, on 650 2233, if you would like to discuss the role before responding. All responses will be treated as confidential.

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