Power trip promises to be journey of discovery

Thought-provoking questions about the dynamics of leadership will shape a season of University events seeking to engage people on pressing socio-political challenges.

Academic experts, global influencers and policymakers are among those engaging in debate as part of the Edinburgh Futures Conversation and Power Trip event series, hosted by Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Participants will analyse contemporary leadership in all its forms – in seats of power, the front lines of activist movements and even in the workplace.

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Participants will explore a range of provocative questions about this key topic, most fundamentally – who is really in charge?

They will also consider who, in recent times of crises, people have looked to for leadership. And, as we look to the future, what new models of leadership are emerging?

Global cooperation

The Future of Leadership is the fifth event programme of the University’s Edinburgh Futures Conversations, which seeks to promote international cooperation as a means of addressing critical contemporary challenges.

Previous Conversations have focused on the future of health, the economy, climate justice and artificial intelligence.

Power Trip is the third connected programme of free public events from the Edinburgh Futures Institute which expands on the theme and opens it up to further interrogation and interpretation.

As with previous event series, Power Trip will offer a range of live events – in person, online and hybrid – including readings, participatory workshops and commissioned performances.

All events are free, open to the public and will seek to be a catalyst for change, both locally and internationally.

Inspirational speakers

A keynote panel event – Leadership in Times of Crisis – will bring together four inspirational speakers. The event at McEwan Hall will be chaired by journalist and author Gavin Esler.

Taking part are novelist Elif Shafak, equality campaigner Talat Yaqoob, political economist Maya Göpel and civil rights activist Alicia Garza.

Panellists will share ideas about how leadership models might best respond to recent social and economic turbulence, as well as ongoing global inequality.

Power Trip will also feature a collaborative performance by composer and sound designer Pippa Murphy and poet Tim Tim Cheng at Inspace Gallery.

Right balance

Organisers are keen to strike the right balance of input from expert speakers, and involvement from delegates. Events are designed to give audiences space to think, digest and contribute.

The Power Trip series, which runs from 12 October to 20 November, is produced and delivered by the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Edinburgh Futures Institute is one of the University’s key strategic initiatives – tackling the world’s biggest challenges with new approaches to learning, teaching and research.

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