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2023 - a year in review

A photograph of The Mound in Edinburgh covered in snow.
This year has been a remarkable one for the University of Edinburgh, with world-leading research discoveries, engaging community initiatives, and inspiring stories stemming from our brilliant students and staff.

Shipwrecks offer insights into subsea ecology

Monitoring marine life around shipwrecks can provide scientists with a trove of data to better understand changing underwater environments, research suggests.

Experts urge global action on child sex offences

The global nature of child sexual exploitation and abuse demands it be treated as an international public health emergency, a landmark report suggests.

Study to explore effect of light on bipolar disorder

Portrait of woman with ray of sun across face
A Scotland-wide study is to investigate how light and the body’s internal clock influence symptoms in people with bipolar disorder.

Concerts offer a sensory-friendly music experience

A series of concerts for people who experience sensory issues are being held at Scotland’s oldest concert venue.

AI study reveals tongue’s unique surface

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D images of the human tongue have revealed that the surface of our tongues are unique to each of us, new findings suggest.

New test monitors progress of cancer in dogs

K9-LiquiDX team pictured kneeling on floor outside vet clinic with two dogs
A team of scientists has developed a new blood test that can monitor the progression of cancer in dogs.

Festive Holiday 2023/24

For the 2023 festive period, the University will close at 5pm on Thursday 21 December 2023, and reopen at 9am on Wednesday 3 January 2024.

Ultra-hard material to rival diamond discovered

Scientists have solved a decades-long puzzle and unveiled a near unbreakable substance that could rival diamond as the hardest material on earth, a study says.

Eye scans provide insight into kidney health

Male doctor performs eye exam on a female patient using OCT scanner
3D eye scans can reveal vital clues about kidney health that could help to track the progression of disease, research suggests.

Festive season continues with annual carol service

Students singing in the McEwan Hall
The University's Carol Service will take place at McEwan Hall on Sunday 10 December.

Inaugural Eric Liddell Lecture rallies support

A rallying call was issued to Scotland’s charity and business sector recently to help commemorate the centenary of Eric Liddell’s heroics at the 1924 Paris Olympics.