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Sustainability scholarships for Africa’s future leaders

Image of four Mastercard Foundation scholars
Hundreds of talented African students will benefit from a range of sustainability-focused Master's and PhD scholarships in the next phase of a successful partnership.

Welfare supporters better informed than sceptics, study suggests

people walking outside a job centre
People who support greater state involvement in delivering services know more about economics and welfare provision than those favouring smaller government, research suggests.

Refuge scheme celebrates landmark anniversary

Group of people holding up a ball painted as the world
An organisation that supports academics forced into exile or at risk due to persecution, violence or conflict is celebrating 90 years of work.

Childhood air pollution exposure link to early death

People exposed to significant air pollution in early childhood are more likely to die early than those raised in areas with better air quality, research suggests.

Obituary: Professor Sir Ian Wilmut

A photograph of Professor Sir Ian Wilmut kneeling beside Dolly the sheep
The University is saddened to hear of the death of Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, who has passed away at the age of 79.

City Deal delivers employment and skills for thousands

Edinburgh city from Calton hill looking up princes st
Five years after it was signed by the UK and Scottish governments, the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal has helped 15,000 people secure employment and improved the skills and knowledge of over 103,000 of the region’s citizens.

Global surge in cancer cases among under-50s

Young woman sitting on sofa, looking reflective. Her hair has been lost following chemotherapy.
Global cancer cases in people under the age of 50 have risen by 79 per cent between 1990 and 2019, according to new research.

Edinburgh welcomes UK associate membership of Horizon Europe

European Union Flag
The UK and the EU have successfully reached an agreement allowing the UK to re-join the EU’s £85bn science research programme Horizon Europe as an associate member.

Surf therapy programme boosted by University grant scheme

A group that specialises in a unique style of trauma-informed surf therapy for women is benefiting from a University initiative that supports community ventures.

RAAC at the University of Edinburgh

The University has restricted access to areas within eight buildings as a precautionary measure owing to safety concerns around the use of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC).

Power trip promises to be journey of discovery

Banana phone
Thought-provoking questions about the dynamics of leadership will shape a season of University events seeking to engage people on pressing socio-political challenges.

Sound installation brings historic story to life

A new installation at Edinburgh Castle will take visitors on a sound walk through the historic site to map Scotland’s involvement in the creation of Zimbabwe’s streetscapes.