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The following news articles were published in 2023:  

Pride month 2023

People marching with rainbow LGBT+ flag at a pride event
Events are taking place throughout June to mark Edinburgh Pride.

Insect wings could inspire new self-cleaning technologies

Fresh insights into how insects use water droplets to wash dirt and pollutants from their bodies could help improve the performance of self-cleaning devices, a study suggests.

Graduate Show celebrates fresh creative spirits

ECA Graduate Show 2023 montage
The bold and creative spirit of more than 550 Edinburgh College of Art students is being showcased at the highly-anticipated Graduate Show 2023.

Social factors affect premature babies’ brains

premature baby in an incubator
Premature babies from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience problems with early brain development than those from better off homes, research shows.

Book prize shortlist is a time-travelling feast

James Tait Black - collage 2023
A compelling collection of books offering inspirational takes on themes such as belonging, travelling across borders and overcoming personal struggles form the shortlist of Britain’s longest-running literary prizes.

£35.5m to support next phase of Roslin research

The Roslin Institute building
New funding will help to advance understanding of animal genetics and infectious diseases.

Spanish culture the focus for new collaboration

Spanish language, literature and culture is at the heart of a new international partnership between Spain’s Cervantes Institute and the University of Edinburgh.

Existing drugs could treat strokes linked to dementia

People who experience a type of stroke linked with nearly half of all dementias could be treated for the first time by repurposing two cheap and common drugs, a trial shows.

Ancient galaxy’s traits revealed using space telescope

Astronomers using the most powerful telescope ever built have identified a massive, densely packed galaxy 25 billion light years away.

A fiver a day could help keep biodiversity loss at bay

The cost of subsidising people in vulnerable areas to help safeguard biodiversity could be less than the financial aid given to environmentally harmful industries, a study suggests.

Experts assess Covid’s effect on children’s sport

Data science specialists are supporting efforts to gauge how Covid-19 has impacted on young people’s involvement in sport and exercise.

Double testing better at identifying bowel cancer

The accuracy of detecting bowel cancer is increased to almost 100 per cent by carrying out a common test twice rather than once, a new study shows.