University-backed businesses win awards

Businesses that have received support from Edinburgh Innovations have taken the biggest prizes at an event celebrating Scotland’s entrepreneurial talent.

Cows eyes

The companies, all founded by staff and students and backed by the University’s commercialisation service, were recognised at the Scottish EDGE awards.

Dyneval and Waterwhelm were the big winners, scooping up awards worth £100,000 each.

Cattle conception

Dyneval – a company that provides portable technology for cattle semen analysis – took the top biotech award.

The average UK dairy farmer loses £37K each year due to poor conception rates. Dyneval’s technology provides an easy-to-use, automated and portable instrument for semen analysis.

Dyneval was founded by CEO Dr Tiffany Wood, Senior Knowledge Transfer Fellow at the University’s Soft Matter and Biological Physics Research Group, and Chief Technology Officer Dr Vincent Martinez, Research Fellow at the School of Physics & Astronomy.

 The team at Dyneval is absolutely delighted to have won a Scottish EDGE award. This award will accelerate our market readiness and growth to build a Scottish business that will have a strong and positive impact on the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming, worldwide.

Dr Tiffany WoodCo-founder and CEO, Dyneval

Clean water

Water treatment company Waterwhelm received the HiggsEDGE award for their game-changing membrane technology that produces drinking water from almost any source using a self-powered device.

Waterwhelm was founded by Dr Ali Abbassi Monjezi, former Research Associate at the University’s School of Engineering.

More awards

Edinburgh Innovations client BioLiberty, which designed an AI-powered robotic glove to strengthen the user’s grip, took £10,000 in the Wildcard EDGE category.

In the Young EDGE competition, Lilypads, which produces environmentally friendly sanitary products, won £15,000, and Lenz Labs, which develop novel technology to improve braking control for trains, was awarded £10,000.

Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh Innovations is the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service.

EI leads the University’s activities in industry engagement and business development, enterprise support for students and staff, and the identification, management and commercialisation of University intellectual property.

Business Development experts are embedded in the University's Schools as first points of contact for staff seeking to commercialise their work or ideas. They help staff and students explore options, provide practical help at every stage.

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