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Experts take stock of Covid’s long-term impact

Edinburgh City
Some of the world’s most respected public health figures are to join a series of University debates analysing the future implications of Covid-19.

Hip fracture patients vulnerable to Covid-19

Patients with a broken hip were up to three times more likely to die within 30 days if they had Covid-19 compared with hip patients without Covid-19, an audit of hospitals shows.

Fossil find helps crack baby tyrannosaur mystery

They are among the largest predators ever to walk the Earth, but experts have discovered that some baby tyrannosaurs were only the size of a Border Collie dog when they took their first steps.

Global ice loss increases at record rate

Ice is disappearing from across the entire planet at an accelerating rate, according to new research.

Maths institute receives £5m funding boost

An institute that is recognised internationally for promoting the mathematical sciences has been awarded £5 million to transform the scope of its work.

Digital hub offers support to homeless community

An online service to improve support for people who are homeless has been developed by researchers and community partners.

Better post-surgery care would improve cancer survival

Surgery team working on a patient in an operating theatre
Patients’ chances of survival after cancer surgery is strongly linked with the standard of post-operation hospital care, a major international study suggests.

Squid-inspired robot is masterstroke of design

A robot that mimics two of nature’s smartest swimmers could play a vital role in underwater exploration, its creators say.

Renewed pledge commits medicines to most needy

The University has reinforced its commitment to making life-saving medicines more readily available to people in lesser developed countries.

Vaccine scheme to curb rabies threat

More people could be protected from life-threatening rabies thanks to an agile approach to dog vaccination using smart phone technology to spot areas of low vaccination coverage in real time.

Addressing contemporary and historic racism

The University of Edinburgh logo
The University has taken a number of important steps to strengthen its commitment to addressing contemporary and historic inequalities with respect to race.

Young adults loneliest in rural Scotland during Covid

Man sitting on a rock on his own facing a loch in Glencoe
The number of young adults living in rural Scotland during the pandemic who say they are lonely is substantially higher than the majority of elder members of their communities, a survey suggests.