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John Inglis Prize Awarded for Best Student Presentations

Congratulations to Kathryn Jackson-Jones and Christina Joseph for winning the 2019 John Inglis Prize for Best Student Presentations: July 2019

On Friday 5 July, nine penultimate year PhD students at the MRC Human Genetics Unit presented their work to their peers. Each excellent presentation was scored against criteria including content, reasoning, style and organisation by the judging panel – Professor Nick Gilbert, Professor Bob Hill and Dr Greg Kudla.

The John Inglis Prize is awarded each year to students for Best Presentation in memory of John Inglis who completed his PhD at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. This year the Prize was awarded to:    

Full room at John Inglis talks 2019

Kathryn Jackson-Jones, Javier Caceres Research Group, for 'NBAS and its role in the nonsense mediated decay pathway’.

Christina Joseph, Caroline Hayward Research Group, for ‘Genetic and molecular analysis of urinary traits and a function study of Arl15 in the kidneys’.

Congratulations to Kathryn and Christina for their outstanding talks and thank you to all who took part for delivering such engaging and informative presentations, including:

Lauren Kane - ‘Three-Dimensional Chromatin Conformation in Distal Regulation of the Shh Locus’

Silviya Dimova - ‘Heterochromatic Polycomb targeting in mESC by inducible repression of the DNA maintenance methyltransferase DNMT1’

Elaine Groat - ‘Investigating changes in large-scale chromatin structure upon gene activation’

Bailey Harrington - ‘Bone-crunching: Skeletal traits, genetic data, and their processing by supercomputer’

Imke Van Ettinger - ‘Influence of expression quantitative traits at CRC risk loci on the mutational landscape of colorectal cancer’

Brianda Hernandez Areli Moran - ‘In vitro analysis of eye development to understand the molecular basis of mammalian eye malformation’

Naouel Athmane - ‘Visualising single copy loci in live mammalian cells’



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Caroline Hayward Research Group