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Early Career Prize for Olga Murina

SULSA ECR award allows a Scotland-wide seminar tour and individual prize funding: March 2019


Olga Murina receiving the SULSA ECR award

Olga Murina, a postdoctoral researcher at the MRC Human Genetics Unit has been awarded the Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA) Early Career Researcher (ECR) prize. SULSA, a strategic alliance between ten Scottish Universities, aims to advance Scotland’s research and innovation in the life sciences. The ECR prize allows exceptional postdocs to raise their profile in Scotland via a fully-funded tour of three Scottish Universities and £2,000 of flexible funding.

Dr Murina's current work explores the DNA repair pathways involved in removing misincorporated ribonucleotides from DNA. She recently made substantial contributions to research establishing a mechanism by which tumours lacking RNase H2, a key repair enzyme removing genomic ribonucleotides, may become sensitive to PARP inhibitor therapies.


I am absolutely delighted to be awarded the SULSA ECR Prize. It was an exceptional experience and a great opportunity to meet outstanding early career researchers. I look forward to expanding my scientific network in Scotland.

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Andrew Jackson research group

CRISPR screens identify genomic ribonucleotides as a source of PARP-trapping lesions

Dr Murina's 3 minute presentation