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Institutional policies, guidelines, statements and initiatives to improve our organisational and research culture.

Working together to respond to challenges

We acknowledge that our research culture is not perfect.

The University Research Culture Surveys undertaken in 2020 and 2022 have shown that some of the challenges we are facing as an institution are complex  issues. 

In response, the University Research Cultures Working Group was set up in June 2021 to:

  • investigate the current research culture across the university
  • develop an action plan to improve research culture
  • publicise existing good practice

Members of the group were selected following an open call for expression of interest from across the University. Special care was taken to ensure that membership included all career stages, career paths, as well as different areas of concern.

The group has developed the University’s Research Cultures Action Plan which realises our commitment to foster an environment where research, researchers, and those who support them, can thrive.

Many of the research culture challenges are systemic and cannot be addressed by the University acting on its own so we are working closely with other universities, funders, professional associations and other stakeholders to make the necessary changes. 

Policies, guidelines, frameworks and statements

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