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Learn about the work to support a positive and inclusive research culture within the College, the University and the wider sector.

What is research culture? 

We create our culture, invisible though it may be, and we therefore have it collectively within ourselves to change our culture for the better.

Munafò, M. R., Chambers, C. D., Collins, A. M., Fortunato, L., & Macleod, M. R. (2020). Research Culture and Reproducibility. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 24(2), 91-93

Research culture is part of the wider University culture which encompasses organisational values and behaviours charters, principles of equality, diversity and inclusion, and dignity at work. The concept of research culture describes the environment in which research happens, and includes the norms in behaviours, expectations, attitudes and values of our research communities. As such, research culture influences career paths of those who carry out research and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated.

We acknowledge that our research culture is not perfect. The University of Edinburgh Research Culture Survey undertaken in 2020 has shown that some of the challenges we are facing as an institution are complex and systemic issues. In response , the University Research Cultures Working Group was set up in June 2021 to establish policies and mechanisms to promote positive research cultures at the University across all career stages.

The University of Edinburgh Research Culture Survey (available via the Open Science Framework)

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Research Culture initiatives

Enhancing research culture does not always require major effort and resources. Simple but meaningful improvements by individuals can make a positive difference to the research environment.

Start the conversation

Toolkits to help you start the conversation with your colleagues about the challenges and opportunities to create a better research culture.

Policies, guidelines and statements

Explore College-specific policies and guidelines around acknowledgement and authorship in publications

Committees, working groups and networks

Find out about the range of committees, working groups and networks focused on improving organisational and research culture within the College.

University policies, guidelines and initiatives

Institutional policies, guidelines, statements and initiatives to improve our organisational and research culture.

National and international context

Key national and international policy documents, guidelines, reports and useful resources.

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