College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Recordings of seminars and career conversations

If you missed any of our seminars or wish to view again at your leisure, most of our seminars are available here: careers beyond academia talks, career conversations, which are ten minute interviews on why our speakers made the switch from academia to a different career path, how to find mentors using Platform One, career development seminars.

Careers beyond academia seminar series

April 2022 - Ruby Osborn from Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Ruby Osborn from Weston Park Cancer Charity
Careers Beyond Academia talk by Dr Ruby Osborn, explaining why she left academia to join a different sector.

June 2022 - Rachel Forsyth and Annabel Campbell from Envision Pharma.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Envision Pharma
Careers Beyond Academia - Envision Pharma's Rachel Forsyth gives an overview of their medical communications work and opportunities for scientists. Annabel Campbell explains why she left postdoc life to become a medical writer.

September 2022 - Rachel Richardson talks about leaving academia to become a clinical scientist.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Rachel Richardson
Rachel Richardson explains how she left academia and trained to become a clinical scientist.

March 2023 - Stephen Hartland from Thermo Fisher gives career tips for moving into industry.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Stephen Hartland
Stephen Hartland gives some career advice about moving from research to industry.

April 2023 - Catherine Heath from the Biochemical Society.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia Catherine Heath
Catherine Heath gives tip on moving away from academia.

May 2023 - Faye Watson, Public Engagement with Research Manager at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia Faye Watson
Career talk

June 2023 - David McKay, Partner at KPMG talks about moving away from academia and science careers to join KPMG.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - David McKay
Careers beyond academia talk by David McKay

September 2023 - Philip Starkey Lewis from Resolution Therapeutics  talks about the highs and lows of spinning out and joining a new therapeutics company.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Philip Starkey Lewis
Careers Beyond Academia talk

October 2023 - Christina McClure from Vector Builder talks about moving away from a traditional academic career.

Video: Careers Beyond Academia - Christina McClure
Careers Beyond Academia talk

Career Conversations

May 2022 - Lena Lorenz from the College Research Office talks about leaving academia to work in professional services.

Video: Career Conversation with Lena Lorenz
Career conversation with Lena Lorenz on leaving academia to join professional services


June 2022 - Annabel Campbell from Envision Pharma talks about leaving her postdoc position and moving into medical writing.

Video: Career Conversation with Annabel Campbell
Career conversation for careers beyond academia sessions

Mentoring and networking 

December 2021 - Introduction to Platform One, the University's mentoring and networking platform .

Video: Introduction to Platform One
Overview of the Platform One system

Career related seminars

September 2022 - The Road to Independence with Joe Rainger.

Video: The Road to Independence with Dr Joe Rainger
A talk on how to progress towards independence as a researcher.


June 2021 - Highlighting a range of career paths taken by women in science at or linked to Roslin Institute and the Easter Bush community. 

Video: Women in science - career paths
This event highlights a range of career paths taken by women in science at or linked to The Roslin Institute and the Easter Bush community. Presenters provide a short talk about the experience, opportunities and challenges they have faced during their careers and afterwards there is be a discussion forum for people in the audience to ask questions.

June 2021 - Postdoc Careers Discussion Session with Eleanor Hennige, IAD Careers Consultant.

Video: Postdoc career discussion with Eleanor Hennige
Postdoc careers discussion with Eleanor Hennige, IAD career consultant.