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Information and links on fellowships, with relevance to early career researchers in the College.

Winning a fellowship is an exciting first step to embarking on an independent career and leading your own research team. These pages provide information about fellowships with relevance to early career researchers within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. 

Writing fellowship applications takes significant amounts of time and energy. We encourage you to discuss your fellowship application with senior colleagues well in advance of the submission date, often up to a year before, and to choose the right fellowship to fit your research niche and career stage.

The University  has extensive mentoring and academic development programmes and dedicated resources to help you craft your proposal. These can be found at the Institute for Academic Development (IAD), who offer workshops and training in fellowship application writing.

IAD Funding workshops

IAD Funding resources

Types of fellowship

These include:

  • External fellowships
  • Internal fellowships
  • Career break fellowships
  • Post-doctoral fellowships
  • Travelling, training fellowships
  • Small grants and pump-priming awards

Further resources

A wide range of further resources, including examples of successful fellowship applications, information on types of funding, and how to find your local funding administrators are available at the Edinburgh Research Office pages, and in particular their pages on winning research funding.

Edinburgh Research Office

External fellowships

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Winning an external fellowship is often the first step when transitioning to independence.

Internal fellowships

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Information about internally-funded tenure-track fellowships.

Fellowships after career break or change

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Specific fellowships for those who have had a career break.

External post-doctoral fellowships

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Information about, and links to, key external fellowships available to recent PhD graduates.

Travelling and training fellowships

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Small awards to facilitate collaborative visits and training.

Small grants and pump-priming awards

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Small grants to enable key experiments required for publications or larger grant applications.